About the Artist

Artist Statement:

As an artist I continually strive to develop the technical skills needed to convey the emotional impact my subject has on me and, hopefully, on the viewers of my art. Color, design, and technique must all work together to achieve a mood that is expressive of the subject and resonates with the viewer.

I seldom paint an identifiable place or time but prefer to develop paintings using symbols and metaphors from all of the places I have seen and the experiences that make up my background.  I believe an artist should always remain a student with a discerning and curious mind.

I specialize in creating original artwork for the discriminating collector who truly appreciates the uniqueness of a one of a kind painting. For this reason, I have not gone into the print and limited edition market, nor do I make use of digital enhancement of colors and images and other techniques which can mask the seduction of an original painting.



About the Artist:

Sylvia Roman of Mahtomedi, Minnesota studied for six years with well known regional artist, Frank Zeller and continues to study with a variety of national artists on a regular basis.

Sylvia is a current member and former board member of NorthStar Watermedia Society and currently sits on the National Watermedia Show task group. She is a member of Bloomington Center for the Arts (Artistry!)  and belongs to the White Bear Center for the Arts in White Bear Lake, MN.

Ms. Roman has degrees in Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Chemistry from her studies at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota. Her knowledge of the subjects is readily apparent in the feeling and forms she uses in her art to emotionally express her understanding of the environment in which we live.



    NSWS NATIONAL JURIED EXHIBITION:  I am pleased to announce that my painting “Eve’s Garden” has won the Schminke Award of Exellence in painting at the NSWS National Show.

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