Veiled Prairie

“What a thousand acres of compass plants looked like when they tickled the bellies of the buffalo is a question never again to be answered, and perhaps not even asked.” Aldo Leopold ‘A Sand County Almanac’, 1949

Large expanses of native Prairies have disappeared from the Midwest, victims of agricultural cultivation, timber cutting, and over grazing. Finding an intact full prairie today requires a trip to a preserved land area. But remnants of the prairies grasses, wildflowers, reeds, native trees, and other plants can be found everywhere around us.

The ‘Veiled Prairie’ paintings, while botanically identifiable, are really meant to be viewed with a sense of the discovery and mystery of suddenly spotting a prairie plant growing in a half hidden, unexpected site.

Acrylic and Mixed media, 15”x22”. Click on any image for a complete view.

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