STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

  • January thru March: A look at our winter weather and how archival our art supplies and reading materials are when they are left outside to battle the elements on their own. Includes “artistic” graphing and analysis of our weather conditions during the time of the project.
    • Elementary students, age 6 to 11
    • Washington County Library System
  • June: Nature patterning and printing used to create a finished art project. Includes using found natural materials to make a paintbrush and paint a background, then print some beginning natural shapes followed by patterning to connect it all into an art piece.
    • Secondary level students age 13 and up
    • Washington County Library System
  • December: Fibonacci. We will be studying the intersection of Math, Nature, and Art.
    • Elementary students ages 8-12
    • Washington County Library System

For a complete CV, please contact the artist.

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