” There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes.”  Richard Buckminster Fuller

A week ago one of my friends wanted to get together for coffee and see the pictures of India.  Since Susan is a wonderful artist herself I told her about the holi powders I had  brought back and was going to try to use as watercolor paints.  Would she like to try them with me?  I didn’t have to suggest it twice.  Some of us are just born to experiment by trial and error.

Holi powders are used at spring festival time in India.  Normally you annoint yourself and all your friends by throwing a riot of colors all over your body from head to toe.  Since the colored powders are pure, wash off easily, and are considered safe to use I figured they would make good watercolor paintings. (Why?  Need you ask?  Why NOT?)

I packed up the powders, some gum Arabic and honey to use as binders and trotted over to Susan’s studio.  Below are a few images of our experimental trials.  I can’t say there was really an error in anything we did that day and we had a blast!

I used a softer palette than Susan did and added some phosphorescent glitz!

Susan started her flowers, covered over part of them, edited out the “too much purple” and came up with this.

As you can see these colors are gorgeous.  They blended well, covered well and went onto the paper easily.  In fact, we stopped using the binders and just mixed everything with water in the end.  So much easier and it worked well also.  I can’t wait to experiment with these again.  And anything left over?  Well there’s always that family camping trip in June …. we can try them out for their intended purpose!

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