It’s Been Awhile

Like many others I seem to have creative blocks at times. Whether we are too busy, have health issues, or are just plain out of ideas the lack of creative energy can be frustrating and difficult to overcome.

I plead to all of the above over the last TWO! years, unfortunately. All I can say is I have been actively teaching special needs art classes. They are challenging and take up a good bit of time and energy to develop class plans which fit a variety of needs and circumstances.

And I have been traveling frequently, also. My last trip was a fun one to Egypt in December with my husband George, our daughter Colie, and her husband Nate. We all survived a trip of a lifetime with wonderful shared memories and with only minor shared colds!

As far as the creative energy goes it is coming along slowly and I am at least painting in vibrant color again. I’ll finish my latest and post it soon. In the meantime I hope to be in Sioux Falls, South Dakota this weekend to help with the Bonnie Fournier’s Smooch Project for Valentine’s Day! More on that later.

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